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Katniss and Peeta: fanfic

I am breathing hardly, after running for several miles, away, from this reality, from the games, from myself. But I know it well- there is no way out of here, only to fight.
People, like I am. Some of the, are children ; others are the Careers, which were brought up to fight, to kill, to be merciless.

I stare in front of me, in the darkness, but there is nothing. At least that’s what I hope for. Who am I deceiving? Who else cares, what is in my soul, hidden from the others?

Suddenly the world stars spinning around me: faces, screams, blood…I start to run, the creatures are right behind, I hear their low, animal like laughter….
I am their prey, and they already feel the taste of vicotry, the bloody smell of it. I cant look back, please, just not this time.
Let me to run away…let me live…Prim, mother, Gale- what will they do without me? And Peeta….

His name makes me to shiver, as if the most important one in the whole world; the only name that makes me to think about spring, dandellions, and bread…
My boy with bread…

- All is ok now, I am here.- I hear his distant voice. - I wont let that nightmare to come back.

I look at him, right into his bright blue eyes and smile. It was only a dream. No creatures anymore running just behind me. No Hunger Games. No war. I am with him.

- In fact the end was rather likeable.- I say and wink.

- Oh really- he smiles mischievously- want to talk about it?

I move closer to feel the heat of his body and he wraps his hands around me. So soothingly, so lovingly. My Peeta.

- You know I never really deserved you- I say and touch one of the several scars on his hand- a painful reminder of the bygone time.

- I thought we were done with this theme, dear- he whispers- it’s me, who has never ever deserved you.

- But I am here- I whisper back and feel how my heart beat is becoming steadier at his warm smile.

- You are here.-he repeats.- Real or not real.

- Real.-I say and think that now is my turn.- You are staying with me forever. Real or not real.

- Real.-he answers and kisses my forehead gently. The moonlight illuminates his blonde hair, which is messy right now, but so charming. I reach out my hand to touch it.
To feel am I dreaming or not. To reassure myself nothing bad will ever happen again.

Because he is with me. And I am never ever gonna let him alone again.

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